Telescopic Spreader Beam


The Britlift telescopic spreader beam is the perfect solution for quick adjustment! Built to order.

Slightly heavier than a modular equivalent, a telescopic spreader beam allows for quick sliding adjustment between lengths and adjustment points can be as little as 50mm apart giving a huge amount of flexibility. This spreader beam is ideal for projects/users where multiple and regular size adjustments are required and saves time over the modular (bolted) equivalent.




Benefits of the Telescopic Spreader Beam:

  • Quickest adjustment of any spreader beam type
  • Built to order in 3-4 weeks
  • Adjustment holes can be drilled anywhere you like, between 50mm – 1000mm apart for maximum flexibility.
  • Available in lengths from 1m – 10m
  • Available in capacities from 1 tonne – 34 tonne
  • Quick and easy to inspect
  • Versatile, reusable lifting system.

Please contact Britlift for a quote and/or if you requirements fall outside of the above parameters.


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