Weldless Modular Spreader


The patent pending Weldless Modular Spreader Beam from Britlift is manufactured to a unique modular design which uses no welding processes in the construction of any part.

The Weldless Spreader Beam is a modular system, this means that the beam can be re-assembled at different lengths saving the user the cost of a new beam.




Benefits of the Weldless Spreader:

  • Quick manufacturing.
  • Quick and easy to inspect.
  • Offers a significant cost saving over traditional welded modular spreader beams.
  • Quick lead times.
  • Huge time savings due to the reduction in project paperwork requirements, due to the absence of welds.
  • The modularity allows the length (span) of the beam to be increased or decreased as you wish.
  • Versatile, reusable lifting system.

The Weldless Modular Spreader system is now available up to 12m in length, and 50 tonnes in capacity. This lightweight and versatile solution is available in stock from Britlift, please get in touch to make an enquiry.


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